3 Features the Next iPad Needs

Of course the next iPad will be thinner and faster.  This goes without saying.  Now that the competition for tablets and other portable devices has really gotten fierce, Apple needs to make some key moves to keep the iPad in the game.  This is a tricky situation, as Apple must be very hesitant to turn their iPad into a viable replacement for the desktops and notebooks they also happen to sell at a much higher price tag.  That being said, the iPad platform needs some upgrades to continue to set the bar.

For starters:


1. Give us a Finder app please!

It is high time that we had a proper file manager on the iPad!  I’ve posted before about making the iPad more friendly to file types other than photos (5 Things Chromebooks Do Better Than iPads).  The ability to create folders, save to them from the web or from other apps, and search the contents would be a major improvement.

iPad Multiple Users

2. Multiple Users (or at least Guest Access)

Between Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, I have a great deal of personal and professional data on my iPad.  The kind of data that I would hate to see changed or erased when I hand my son the iPad to use his ABC app.  There are many times at the office when I hand the iPad to a colleague for some amount of time, taking the gamble that they won’t find their way into my email or other sensitive data.  I know Apple is probably not too keen on the idea of a family or a small office all sharing one unit when they could all buy their own personal iPads ($$$).  I would be happy even if there was a “Guest Mode”, that would only allow access to the web and to select apps chosen by the main user.  This would really make the device more secure and much more usable for many of us.

Apple iCloud

3. Do more with iCloud

iCloud is still not a “go to” cloud service at this point.  Compared to others like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive (or whatever they are calling it this week), iCloud is of very limited use.  It would be really nice to see some expanded functionality as an online hub for more than just photos and documents from the iWork family of products.

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